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Garnet Madrugada10

-Another doodle I made few minutes before bed. I’m sorry only 9 frames this time, I was tired and the lights were off >_>. (This is basically to let you know that I'm still alive)


*Otro garabato que hice algunos minutos antes de dormir. Lamento que solo fueran 9 frames pero estaba cansado y las luces estaban apagadas >_>. (Esto es solamente para hacerles saber que sigo vivo)

Garnet (c) Rebecca Sugar
Doodle by Gara

Comm - Kitty Beach 4 by Garabatoz
Comm - Kitty Beach 4
-WTH Katty!!!


*¡¡¡Que rayos Katty!!!

Kitty Kattswell (c) Butch Hartman
Pic by Gara
Comm - Kitty Beach 3 by Garabatoz
Comm - Kitty Beach 3
*And the third pic: What's up Sis?

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-Y el dibujo tercero: ¿Que onda Hermana?

Kitty Kattswell (c) Butch Hartman
Pic by Gara
Comm - Kitty Beach 2 by Garabatoz
Comm - Kitty Beach 2
*And the second pic of this set, Kitty has a twin sister.

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-Aqui el segundo dibujo, Kitty tiene una hermana gemela.

Kitty Kattswell (c) Butch Hartman
Pic by Gara
Comm - Kitty Beach 1 by Garabatoz
Comm - Kitty Beach 1
*Hello guys, I've been busy with the cold, the day of the dead and family but now I'm working on some commissions accepted before that.
This one it's part of a set which I must finish and upload. There are more finished and unfinished and I will upload those eventually (here, if possible)


-Hola a todos, he estado ocupado con la gripa, el dia de muertos y la familia pero ahora estoy trabajando en algunas comisiones que acepte antes de eso.
Esta es parte de un set que aun tengo que completar y subir. Hay mas terminadas y a medias y las subire eventualmente (aqui, si se puede)

Kitty Kattswell (c) Butch Hartman
Pic by Gara

Censored (Update)

Wed Oct 8, 2014, 5:47 AM

English: Sorry people but I can't post most nsfw pics here on DA, that includes 90% of the pantyshots.
There's more information somewhere in my tumblr, and this is the last time that I'll write the link here since it's already on some of the recent digital pics. (And it's obvious)
I can't upload those things here because DA hypocritical system: A 2cm pantyshot or a nude adult character nude is bad (deleted) while you can find nudes and porn here. There's a post with some of my deleted pics on Tumblr.

[Gara's babbling time] I had many problems with my 'xbox360' and right now I hate Microsoft so, please, please avoid the XBOne and buy a PS4 or a WiiU instead :D.

The next pic is a photo of my acnl town map. There are some details: The police station, my house and the lighthouse. Based on the following question choose a ‘Red X’
The question is; If you were a Psycho, a Mad scientist or something like that: Where would you place your house?
There's a tiny update on Tumblr >>HERE<<

Español: Lo siento pero no puedo postear ningun dibujo nsfw en DA, eso incluye el 90% de los pantyshots.
Hay mas informacion en my tumblr, y esta sera la ultima vez que escriba el link aqui por que ya esta en varios de los dibujos digitales mas receintes. (Y es algo obvio)
No puedo subir esas cosas aqui por el sistema hipocrita de DA: Un pantyshot de 2 cm o un dibujo de un personaje adulto es malo (borrado) y sin embargo uno puede encontrar desnudos y porn aqui. Hay un post con algunos de esos dibujos borrados en Tumblr.

[Divagando con Gara] He tenido muchos problemas con mi 'xbox360' y justo ahora odio a microsoft asi que, por favor, por favor eviten el XBOne y mejor compren un PS4 o un WiiU :D.

La foto de arriba es el mapa de mi pueblo en acnl. Ahi hay algunos detalles: la estacion de policia, mi casa y el faro. Basandose en la sigueinte pregunta escojan una "X Roja"
La pregunta es; Si fueran un Maniaco, un Cientifico Loco o algo asi: ¿Donde pondrian su casa?
Hay un pequeño update en Tumblr >>AQUI<<

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Mr. Z
Yep Random Mexican Guy :o
" I draw, therefore I exist" - "Dibujo, Luego existo"

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saludos amigo esa galeria crecio de maneras incontables ! saludos de peru : )!xD
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